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5 Tips About Anxiety Disorder and Cure Options

Do you want to learn more about your Anxiety disorder and cure it? Here are five things to consider.

1. Anxiety in its original form was designed to give us the stamina and thinking power to escape a dangerous situation. When the danger has passed, the anxiety subsides. Today, people with anxiety disorder have trained themselves to trigger anxiety even when there is no real threat. For them, the mechanism is stuck on. Examine your anxiety disorder and cure it by learning what needs to be done to reset that anxiety trigger.

2. Anxiety will never hurt you. As scary as an anxiety or panic attack is, no one has ever died from an anxiety attack that we know of. Anxiety disorder causes you to exaggerate all situations that you perceive to be threatening to you. It is so intense, in fact, that you can develop the exact symptoms of someone experiencing a heart attack. Realize that this is phantom heart attack. It’s not the real thing. It is your body’s way of responding to the added adrenalin that has been released into your system as a result of your fear.

3. Learn how to evaluate the fear for what it truly is. Anxiety and panic can trick our minds into believing we are in danger when, in fact, we are not. Ask yourself these questions. Are you really in danger? Exactly what is that danger? How can it hurt you? What is the potential outcome of that fear? To really understand your anxiety disorder and cure it, you must spend more time thinking about the actual fear than about your response to it.

4. Learn how to evaluate the symptoms of fear. When you have something to really be afraid of, are your symptoms the same? How are they different from your anxiety fears? You’ll likely discover that when you are presented with true danger and you are facing it head on, your focus will be on a plan to deal with it or to escape to safe ground. When it is anxiety-induced and not because of an actual threat to your life, you’ll be thinking about your symptoms and how much worse they are getting. You will be focusing on your fear – not on solutions.

5. If you truly want to identify your anxiety disorder and cure it, you can do several things: seek a therapist (talking is proven not to treat anxiety very effectively), talk to your doctor (he’ll provide drugs), go to a clinic (medications will be prescribed), try what your neighbor did to recover (if it doesn’t work for you it will only deepen your anxiety disorder, not cure it), or you can get help from a reliable and proven program. Find someone who’s been there, who has conducted the research and talked to the professionals, and who has put together the best program that addresses all aspects of anxiety disorder and cure.

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Sylvia Dickens is an award-winning journalist who has struggled and overcome depression, panic and anxiety. Formerly with the Canadian Mental Health Association, she's written, "A Guide to Teenage Depression & Suicide" and offers several books to cure panic quickly and without medication. Stop Smoking, Anxiety Relief, Dog Training, Music Instruction (piano, guitar) and Family Vacation Getaway ideas are just some of the topics covered on Sylvia’s site at She also runs a blog on Natural Anxiety Relief and related topics at

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