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A Return To Simple Happiness - Rekindling A Joy In What You Do Have!

Think for a moment, and take honest stock of your current life situation: I'm__years old, I live at ____, I wear a______wristwatch, I drive a____, I weigh____, I earn____per year, I have_____in the bank, I have relationships with______as my friends, lovers, and confidants.

"Wow, you know, I never really took an inventory of my current situation like that before. But I have to tell you, I really "wished" I drove a BMW, wore a Rolex, lived in_____neighborhood, earned $100,000 per year, had $200,000 in the bank, weighed____, and..." STOP"!

How much negative capital do you tend to make over what you don't have? How un-grateful, and dis-satisfied do you allow yourself to become over what you do have because it's not exactly what you want? And (be honest here) how un-enthused, and un-fulfilled have you allowed yourself to become because you feel that what you do have isn't good enough, substantial enough, or "perfect" enough?

Can you, indeed, will you only let yourself be happy when the elusive (possessing your desire) day ‘x' has come upon you? This is how many keep happiness, at best, a distant possibility in their lives.

And this is how a feeling of futility regarding "Will I ever be happy?" continues to cast discontent within a life which, if you really thought about it, contains happiness stimulating and justifying parameters...right now.

The experience of joy regarding who we are, what we have, and where we're going has seemingly eluded so many people lately. They think happiness can - and will only - be attained if/when more and better enters their lives.

And while the latter may be true to an extent, you can rekindle happy feelings of contentment and joy by becoming aware - and grateful - for what you do possess right now.

There is more to and about you than just money and material possessions. And I'll now present 9 often overlooked aspects of yourself through which you can begin to experience a nourishing sense of happiness, gratefulness, and comfort; I assure you this will happen through your act of recognizing the upcoming 9 factors.

Happiness is your choice to think, feel, and believe about your life situation in a certain way. Being miserable over what you don't have (or feel you don't have enough of) is certainly a choice millions make.

But to start feeling and embracing a renewed sense of joyfulness, I want you to read through the following 9 factors, and make a different choice -- the choice to purposefully let yourself feel good about what you do have.

Rest assured, there's plenty there to foster happiness. And while it might not be exactly what you want, or what will be for you as time goes on, there are still factors about you and your life others would love to experience!

Yes -- let's look deeper into what you have right now which will, at the very least, justify happiness. And at the very best, help you pull your thoughts and feelings back from the future (where you may think happiness can only exist for you), and into the now where you can surely gain a new appreciation, acceptance, even joy.

1.) You're alive, possessing functional eyes, limbs, and a sound mind:

Think of the disabled, or those bedridden in hospitals, even the person you know who has a bad back, or bad knees, or someone overcome by anxiety, depression, and/or fear. Think about how they would likely give anything to possess the strength, vitality, and functional mobility you do; indeed, take a moment to reflect on just how lucky you are to possess your physical ability.

Yes, you're alive, which affords you all the capabilities, faculties, and potentials inherent within life. Think of what your options would be if you weren't alive!

2.) You possess the capacity to choose:

Yes, you can choose what you will think, feel, believe, and be.

You can always decide to choose differently regarding these factors. And you can choose to change your level and context of appreciation regarding who you are, where you are, what you have...and what - through truly setting your mind to something and embracing commitment - you can become.

Do your current personal and life choices lead to, or detract from your experience of happiness? Hmmm -- perhaps you'll now choose to examine your choices and choose differently — in a manner that lends itself to rays of happiness coming to shine...upon you!

3.) You have the capacity to decide:

You can decide what is good, what is good enough, worthy enough, appreciable enough, valuable enough, and acceptable enough.

You can also decide to rethink your current value system so a new acceptance and appreciation for who you are - and what you have now - can begin to enrich you. Perhaps not wholly satisfy you, but certainly nourish you with pride and esteem over having done what you have to acquire, produce, and reach the level you have...right now.

4.) You have the capacity for creativity:

The same capacity to mobilize the kind of desire, mental imagery, and faith that you've mobilized in the past to advance yourself, still exists within you. "Oh, but circumstances now don't 'allow' me to be, become, and do what I want." Really -- when a storm rages out at sea, a fisherman may initially think the same way. But the fisherman also knows that the storm will subside, enabling him to then go out and do what he wants to.

You can still dream, and visualize, and strategize, and take actions to materialize those new things you want to either acquire, and/or experience in your life.

Seeing it clearly in your mind, believing in it completely, and working toward it - with conviction - will still produce results for you — in the same decisive manner it always has!

5.) You do possess resources; you do have a place to live, a car, an income, and possessions (enough to keep you warm, fed...and going on!):

True, they may not be exactly what you want. But think about someone who's impoverished, someone on welfare who has to get food stamps to eat, or a homeless person who depends on the Salvation Army for meals, and even in the dead of winter, has to sleep outdoors unprotected on the streets.

How quickly do you think this type person would trade places with you? And how wealthy and prosperous do you think they'd feel if they did?!

6.) You have the capacity to ask…and receive:

Chances are you're not alone in your life. If you think about it, you probably have a network of friends, relatives, and loved ones who would gladly support you in a genuine time of need -- indeed, at any time you would ask for help.

Are you starving? No? If you were, you could ask for assistance, and you'd get it.

Are you emotionally distraught? Well, maybe to a degree because of current life conditions. And if you are, you've likely asked for others to talk to you, listen to you, support you, even counsel you. And they likely have.

Are your finances uncertain, or in disarray (perhaps because of the state of the economy)? Well, if they are to the degree where you needed some help to pay your rent, or your phone bill, or your grocery bill, you've likely asked for some help from family, and/or friends. And you've likely received it.

Think about what else - if you truly needed it - you could ask for — of yourself, and/or others that you'd likely get.

The world is not against you, nor striving to oppress or deny you. You can ask...and receive!

7.) You have friends, people who love you, and relationships which can - and will – nourish and support you:

Perhaps one of the most positive things that true need situations provide is people coming to a new and deeper appreciation of other people in their lives.

Mutual support, sharing, caring, and giving always unfold magnificently during trying times -- wonderfully expressing themselves from person to person within close knit family and social networks.

These are the people who you can depend on, and those who know they can depend on you.

These are people who want to help you, as much as you want to help them. And care about you, as much as you care about them.

You will naturally extend a more profound piece of yourself toward them, and they will naturally reciprocate in kind.

And, you've likely already found a new and truly enjoyable part of these people in your inner circle. Something about them and their nature (expressed toward you) you've found supportive, endearing, perhaps even unexpectedly touching.

Yes, you've likely opened up more so to these people during true need times, and I guarantee you, they've opened up more so toward you. And this will continue; that's why these people are as close to you as they are!

8.) You have the potential to advance, increase, positively change, and further succeed and blossom:

Remember, you live in America, the land of opportunity. This fact will never be compromised. You can still create what you believe, achieve what you dream, produce a desire and intent, and reach any truly heartfelt goal you set for yourself.

Really think about this for a moment. Literally, no-thing, and no-one is stopping or preventing you from expanding in your life. Your context of belief, and your assumptions are the only things that can hold you back. Indeed, they are the same things that will masterfully move you ahead. It's all a matter of perspective, and how you choose to position and apply them in your mind.

Homes will still be built, skyscrapers will still be erected, fortunes will still be made, records will still be broken...and personal goals will continue to be achieved.

This applies to you as much as it does to anyone else. (And how great would it be for you to begin choosing to embrace and honor this!)

9.) You have the capacity to look for and find the good, the pleasure, and the pleasurable in all you do, and in all that happens to you:

Think about what would happen to and for you if you began looking at situations through the following type notions:

• Can I make a new friend here?

• What can I learn from this situation (to do, develop, and not to do)?

• What's my opportunity here — to learn, to help, to enrich, to grow, to know more, and to become more...and better?

• What goodness and positive impact do I have for this person (and/or situation), and what positives do I sense this person (or situation) has for me?

• How can I use this situation to advance, strengthen, and/or help myself (and what can I say, and/or do so I might help the situation)?

When you look for the good - and make this a focal point of your interactions - you have every reason to believe you'll find it!

Through reading the preceding 9 factors, I hope you've realized that circumstances (and yourself) are not as "bad" as they may have seemed -- are they?! And if you just gave yourself even a "little" joy infusion after you read each factor, go ahead and notice how you feel now.

Step back and really look at yourself in relation to factors 1-9. In each one, you can clearly find reasons for happiness and contentment.

It's Ok to be where you're at, and to have and experience what you currently do. Sure you'd "like" more, and by your faith and effort, you surely will ultimately come to get it.

But when you really think about it now, through choosing to focus on factors 1-9, you certainly have reasons to be content and

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