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General advices for anxiety

Essential advices for anxiety you should follow during your recovery from anxiety are:

-Don't run away from your fear! The more you will run, the greater will become your fear.

-Accept your strange sensations and feelings you experience during anxiety. Don't struggle to fight them, because you can not win this battle. Accept your symptoms as something that will disappear with time.

Divert your attention

Here are some advices on how to divert your attention. You should practice this every day:

-Stop searching for a different treatment of your "condition".

-Try not to pay attention to your anxious thoughts. Try to do this by following some of the tactics for diverting attention.

-Learn to live a "normal" life routine and try to sustain it no matter how you feel.

-Do everything without preparation. Don't give yourself time to think about consequences.

-Avoid dwelling on negative feelings. Try to fall asleep in order to avoid negative thoughts in the evening.

Listen to your body

When increased anxiety or panic attack occurs for the first time, the main reason is great and long term stress and worrying. Your body can't handle the situation anymore; therefore it wants to shutdown, so to speak. Your body has reached a certain threshold and tries to tell you that it had enough and that it can't go on like this.

Get in touch with nature

Turn off your TV, leave the house and take a walk outside. Try some cycling or go swimming. Try not to sit locked in your house for a whole day, because this increases the chances of you feeling sorry about your bad condition. Leaving the house and going to nature is a great way to divert your introverted thoughts to the outside world which in fact is your goal - to think more about the outside world and less about how you feel inside.

Be yourself

Stop fighting your symptoms, do not stress yourself all the time and create additional tension. The worst thing you can do is to spend your whole day thinking about a heavy burden that has been put on your shoulders and asking yourself when your symptoms will disappear. It is not your duty to find a formula for getting out of your current situation.

Learn to love your fears

Yes, you read it well. You have to change your relation to your fears in order to allow them to disappear. I suppose you already know by now, that the more you try to avoid or deny your fears by all cost, the stronger your fears will get.

Start confronting your fears. When you avoid your fears, you are actually telling your body that it is in danger. Later, this behavior becomes your subconscious task; you start to run away from fears subconsciously. That is not good.

Forget about fast recovery

Remember one thing - there is no quick way to overcome anxiety or similar disorder overnight. In case you still think that shortcuts exist - stop believing it right away, because you will only disappoint and depress yourself. Think about it for a while and you will see that condition you are in right now didn't happen overnight. How can you expect it to disappear overnight than?

Stop with "what if" questions


What if I never recover?

What if I make a fool out of myself?

What if this isn't anxiety, what if this is some serious illness?

What if I have lost my true self forever?

What if there is some other thing that is making me sick... Like a brain tumor?

What if I will be unable to breathe?

What if this is the way I will spend the rest of my life?

What if I am the only person who feels like this in the whole wide world?

What if I am the only one that is not normal and everyone else are?

Stop worrying about what other people think of you

Will I appeal to other people?

God knows what they will think of me?

I want to do this and that in order to impress other people...

It is common that people who suffer from anxiety want to please everyone, try to comply with everyone, try to become popular with everyone and always want others to think the best of them. If you take a closer look at this matter you will see that this is because you care to much about what other people think of you.

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