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Agoraphobia – fear of open spaces

Most people have heard of claustrophobia (fear of enclosed space) but not so many are familiar with agoraphobia which is a much bigger problem. Word agoraphobia has origins in Greek language and it means fear of wide squares, piazzas, forums etc... Actually it refers to a fear of open spaces or rather fear of leaving the house, either alone or in a company of other people.

People that suffer from symptoms of agoraphobia seldom have the courage to talk about them with other people. They will do anything in order to find a reason not to leave the house, visit their friends, go to the shops and similar. A lot of people do not even know that there is actually a name for their condition.

Why do so many people suffer from agoraphobia? First phase is a state of anxiety. As a result of a long-term tension, emotional and physical exhaustion and panic attacks they try to avoid every possibility or situation that might lead them into an unpleasant state. That is why these people think that they are most safe at home and that potential danger awaits outside. That is why they decide to stay where they fell most safe, in their house. In a way, they withdraw where they feel nothing can happen to them.

These people are mostly afraid that they will make a fool out of themselves or collapse for a moment, they fear of having a heavy heart disease, madness and similar. It is not uncommon for people to be afraid of leaving the house because they are convinced that they will collapse as soon as they cross their doorstep.

It is important that people who suffer from agoraphobia learn what the true nature of agoraphobia is, that these are actually just false beliefs at work, and later to learn and practice overcoming agoraphobia.

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