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Anxiety social network

Anxiety sufferers often find that their close friends and family simply don't understand them. That's why sufferers go online and look for people who might be going through same problems. Social network for anxiety is one such place.

Feeling of unreality – separation from the world

It is not unusual for people who suffer for anxiety to say:

"There is no way I can get in contact with other people. It's like I am in a different, unreal world, and they are in the other. It is like I am in a dream! Will I ever get back to normal again?!"

People can get this feeling for a moment or they can feel like this almost all the time.

Feelings of guilt

Do you feel guilty about something you did in the past? Do you often think you are a bad person? Do you think you do not deserve to have what you wish? Are you aware of how a feeling of guilt can hurt you and people around you? Do you wish to learn how to let go of this negative feeling that is probably giving you much suffering?

Feeling guilty can be a night mare for some people that have a problem with anxiety or with a similar disorder. It is no wonder that guilt is what keeps a person as a prisoner in anxious state.

Social phobia

There is one way of anxiety that manifests itself as some sort of unpleasantness in company of other people, individuals or a group. It is called social phobia. People that have problems of this nature often have difficulties in terms of making a contact with other people. A person can be scared of standing in a line in a supermarket, because he thinks that everyone is looking at him all the time, or let's say a person has difficulties in making contact with other people, because he thinks in advance that they will all reject him.

How to cure agoraphobia

If you suffer from agoraphobia, or if you have fear of open spaces, it is very likely that in the past, you had a frightening experience somewhere in the open space. That experience has put you into a general state of tension and fear from encountering a similar situation again.

Agoraphobia – fear of open spaces

Most people have heard of claustrophobia (fear of enclosed space) but not so many are familiar with agoraphobia which is a much bigger problem. Word agoraphobia has origins in Greek language and it means fear of wide squares, piazzas, forums etc... Actually it refers to a fear of open spaces or rather fear of leaving the house, either alone or in a company of other people.

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Advices to family, partners and friends of anxiety sufferers

Sometimes family, friends or partners can have problems if a person who suffers from anxiety disorder or some form of phobia lives in their vicinity. It can be very hard for a family to understand why one of their members will not or cannot do a certain easy undertaking like going to the shop, drive a car and similar. Things can get worse if or when partners or family members find out that their close ones don't want to go to vacation with them.

Facts and false beliefs about anxiety disorder

Anxiety, depression and phobias are a group of some delusions, prejudices and thinking patterns that have rooted in person's subconscious and when something roots in your subconscious (let's say you know how to drive a car - it becomes a part of your subconscious after a while) it then becomes a routine, like second nature.

What if anxiety comes back?

If you suffered from anxiety in the past (this applies for all other disturbances) you will probably ask yourself: "What if anxiety comes back again?" You must be terrified when you think something like that. I mean, who wants to go through something like that again?

Most people hope that anxiety won't come back to them again. However, few are certain about this fact. I have to tell you that it is important to come to the level where you can be sure that fear won't come back in the same form or strength as it did before.

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