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Anxiety test – find out if you have anxiety or not

Note: following test cannot and is not a substitute for visiting a doctor who can give you correct diagnosis.

If you are not sure whether you are anxious or not, these questions may help you reconsider your condition.

1. Do you lately get nervous easier about things that usually don't agitate you?

2. Do you worry too much about things regarding your life?

3. Do you feel like you can't relax even when you are not in a stress situation?

4. Do you often feel tension, unrest in the stomach, nervousness or cannot sit calmly in one place?

5. Even when you realize that your worries are unnecessary, you keep worrying about the little things?

6. Have you been or are you currently under great stress at work or at home? If you are, consult with your doctor. Too much stress is the main reason for anxiety and panic attacks.

7. Have you ever been confronted with some great change in your life, like an accident or loss of a person? This could also prove as a cause for anxiety or panic attacks.

8. Have you lately been on a diet or have you changed your eating habits? This can also dramatically affect your physical and psychological health.

9. Have you recently start taking some medications, that haven't been prescribed to you before? Sometimes medications can be wrongly prescribed or abused. Some medications can also provoke allergic reactions.

10. Have you recently or in the past been a victim of any kind of abuse or maltreatment? If you feel abused, help of a specialist regarding this problem is mandatory. Don't be a victim of abuse, you don't have to suffer from it, there is a solution for your problem!

11. Do you have a certain anger that you carry inside? Do you have secrets? Is there something on your mind and there is no one you can talk about it? Be aware that all this can be very tiresome an unhealthy for your psyche. All this can leave long term physical and psychological problems in your life! Everything that you keep inside must be thrown out of you! Talk to somebody about what you are going through, you will feel better for sure. Once again - if there is something eating you, don't keep it inside.

12. Do you have irrational fears and thoughts such as fear of going crazy and lose control over yourself, not knowing what you are doing, making a fool out of yourself, collapsing and similar irrational fears?

13. If your doctor has diagnosed you with anxiety, it is most likely he is right. However, If you doubt his conclusion, you can always ask for a second opinion from a specialist.

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