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Why do I feel worse in the morning?

For most people that suffer from anxiety mornings are the hardest period of the day, because with new a day new opportunities for disappointments come along. Probably it has happened sometimes that in the evening you were feeling good, nothing bothered you, you weren't anxious and you fell asleep happily only to wake up feeling bad again. Was it only a dream? Why is everything so hard in the morning?

How to perform first steps towards curing your anxiety

If you have read advices on these pages and you are still afraid to take first steps towards curing, the can be because of the following reasons:

1. You have been sick for such a long time you doubt you will ever get better. You may even think you have a chronic illness.

2. You don't have faith in yourself to actually do anything regarding your curing. You have failed yourself so many times in the past you simply don't believe yourself.

Anxiety recovery – when will I feel better?

Perhaps your most common question during your recovery is: "When will I finally feel better, when will I start to live normally, how long do I have to wait?"

Even if you changed your perspective about things and you have a new approach to your condition, you should know that your symptoms will be coming back to you (for a certain period of time). You have to be ready to accept this fact. Your nerves will continue to launch overdoses of adrenaline even if you accepted new perspective on things.

How to cure anxiety?

Want to know how to cure anxiety? Just keep reading.

I know that anxious person is nervous and that most of the time doesn't have the patience to read an article in the newspaper let alone something longer. However, I am sure that reading this whole chapter won't be a problem for you because it's about YOU and your curing.

Perhaps "curing" is not the best term for a thing like anxiety, because neither of you is actually sick. It is only a question of disturbance (and disturbance can be corrected). Remember - you are not sick!

Strange anxiety effects

A person who has been anxious for a long period of time can have some very strange habits or properties and may think that he or she has "changed" permanently and will stay this way forever. Properties described below are a result of a long term state of anxiety in which a person has been. Please realize that all this effects are transient in nature.

Some of these effects are:

- indecision
- (auto)suggestion
- loss of self-reliance
- feeling of personal "disintegration"
- depression

Anxiety test – find out if you have anxiety or not

Note: following test cannot and is not a substitute for visiting a doctor who can give you correct diagnosis.

If you are not sure whether you are anxious or not, these questions may help you reconsider your condition.

1. Do you lately get nervous easier about things that usually don't agitate you?

2. Do you worry too much about things regarding your life?

3. Do you feel like you can't relax even when you are not in a stress situation?

4. Do you often feel tension, unrest in the stomach, nervousness or cannot sit calmly in one place?

Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms presented here are not meant as definitive. They are more of a "user manual" of possible symptoms an anxious or depressed person can experience.

Symptoms are typical for any kind of anxiety disorder. Maybe you suffered from many of them; on the other hand some of those you experienced might not be listed here. Nature of anxiety is that its symptoms can change and manifest in variety of ways. Symptoms you experience can be different, more or less intense than with other people. That doesn't mean anything - we are all different in a way.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition characterized with a feeling of inner uneasiness and fear that something terrible will occur accompanied by psychomotor tension and inner unrest. A person often feels like "exploding", losing control over self, or has a feeling that something "terrible" will happen. Anxiety is not related to a specific object or person.

Overcoming Test Anxiety – Some Tools and Tips

We all are familiar with some sort of nervousness or anxiety now and then in our day to day life. One needs not be a scientist to understand that this nervousness grows when the incident that is going to take place in near future or the accident that has just happened will directly or indirectly affect our life.

Conquering Public Speaking Anxiety

Making a speech in front, whether the audience number a hundred or just ten, qualifies as one of man’s greatest fears. This is why public speaking is one commodity that is quite rare right now for only a few manage to conquer the anxiety that accompany every speech.

But why do people fear public speaking so much? Psychologists believe that it is not actually public speaking that make people feel the anxiety but the ridicule and comments of people just in case they commit a mistake.

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