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Divert your attention

Here are some advices on how to divert your attention. You should practice this every day:

-Stop searching for a different treatment of your "condition".

-Try not to pay attention to your anxious thoughts. Try to do this by following some of the tactics for diverting attention.

-Learn to live a "normal" life routine and try to sustain it no matter how you feel.

-Do everything without preparation. Don't give yourself time to think about consequences.

-Avoid dwelling on negative feelings. Try to fall asleep in order to avoid negative thoughts in the evening.

-Try to keep away from doctors.

If possible - quit your therapy (do it gradually - step by step - with supervision of an expert). If you can't quit your therapy at the moment, that is OK.

-Stop looking for curing, treatments and medications regarding your state!

-When we get stuck into our habits and rituals such as phobias, panic and anxiety, our way of perceiving ourselves, others and world around us alters. We do it subconsciously, as a self-defense system from physical and emotional threat. But we also do it consciously, avoiding danger and focusing on what is happening to us and within us. Constant monitoring of our every emotion, feelings and symptoms can become an obsession; it takes charge of our "normal" life and forces us to focus on our situation. This negative obsession has become our habit and it grows and drains us.

-Have you noticed how you sometimes forget about your introspection when you are engaged in a certain activity? This is because you temporarily tricked your subconscious that your obsessive, anxious thoughts don't exist. Your conscious mind has, through your activity, diverted attention of your subconscious mind, giving it something a lot more interesting and comfortable to work with: watching a move, doing some sport, enjoying some voyage or a trip and such.

-In time you will again CONSCIOUSLY return to your anxiety... You did it yourself, but while your attention was somewhere else you felt good. It is similar to traveling from point A to B and not recalling anything about the trip itself, even though you were awake all the time.

-You must learn tactics for diverting attention in order to change the focus of your conscious mind, which then diverts attention of the subconscious mind. With practice, old anxious behavior will be replaced with healthy, interesting, relaxing and rejuvenating thoughts. You will become your NEW self, free of anxiety!

This really works, believe me! It takes time and determination but if you choose the right tactic for diverting attention, you will soon feel improvement.

I am sure you think that this sounds to good to be true, but you have to understand that this way you repair what you did to your psyche.

Do a favor to yourself, start practicing methods described above, and start now. It is free and you have nothing to lose (except your anxiety).

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