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Facts and false beliefs about anxiety disorder

Anxiety, depression and phobias are a group of some delusions, prejudices and thinking patterns that have rooted in person's subconscious and when something roots in your subconscious (let's say you know how to drive a car - it becomes a part of your subconscious after a while) it then becomes a routine, like second nature. You then start focusing on these thoughts and examine yourself about how you feel (physically and psychologically) and begin to organize your life in relation to your "condition", to avoid certain situations you are "afraid of", and by doing this you achieve quite the contrary - this is making your situation worse, it makes your anxiety stronger. These are all your enemies!

Realize that solution for this problem lies in YOU alone. YES! But first it is necessary for you to WISH with all your heart that you want to make a difference, that you want to come out of this situation! Please, don't just sit with your hands crossed and wait for the medication to kick in or that a psychiatrist finds a way for you to heal yourself... Only You can put yourself out of this situation!

Anxiety is like a circle, and you are in it. You can't leave it because you examine your body, examine how you feel, you think of your previous panic attacks, you fear of what might happen next, you may have various "what if?" questions, you are afraid of certain situations and avoiding everything that might lead you into these situations... It's all in your subconscious! It didn't get there overnight; therefore some time is needed in order to get it out.

To break the vicious circle, one needs to stop thinking about his inner state, in other words, to stop checking how he feels all the time. That is no good! Focus on your surroundings; try to fill up every minute of your time with something. This way your conscious mind will stay busy and won't have time to ramble through your subconscious.

How do people break their habits? They do it by trying very hard to avoid the bad habit. Anxiety is just a group of bad habits a person has. Therefore make an end to these habits. This is very important, a man has to ignore physical symptoms, which will be hard in the beginning, but as one gives less and less attention to something, it begins to withdraw by itself. Your need to observe yourself will reduce, until it disappears from your subconscious. When you are feeling down, remember that nothing bad has ever happened to you because of anxiety and nothing ever will!

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