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Feelings of guilt

Do you feel guilty about something you did in the past? Do you often think you are a bad person? Do you think you do not deserve to have what you wish? Are you aware of how a feeling of guilt can hurt you and people around you? Do you wish to learn how to let go of this negative feeling that is probably giving you much suffering?

Feeling guilty can be a night mare for some people that have a problem with anxiety or with a similar disorder. It is no wonder that guilt is what keeps a person as a prisoner in anxious state.

You may wish to get rid of all these thoughts that give you a feeling of guilt but you just simply can't succeed in doing it. This feeling of guilt is coming back to you all the time. Don't try to simply forget about these thoughts that are making you feel guilty, because you will not succeed. You are supposed to accept all thoughts that are giving you pain, and live with them for some time. In time they will perish or won't present a problem for you when you remember about them.

While feeling guilty can be a cause for you anxiety, it is much more common for guilt to arise when anxiety has already developed. Don't be surprised if you didn't feel guilty till now. When in anxiety state, your feelings can play tricks on you very easily. Your emotions can very easily and quickly respond to every real or assumed guilt that you present in your consciousness, so there is a chance that your thoughts are wondering from one guilt to another, tormenting you and your psyche.
How to get rid of feeling guilty? You first have to think rationally and learn about some facts that will help you remove guilt.

-You should realize that your feeling of guilt is a result of a long period of emotional exhaustion and that it is most of the time excessive and not realistic.

-You are actually not guilty as much as you think you are. I am sure you are not such a sinful person as your excessive emotions are trying to convince you.

-Try to imagine what would happen if suddenly all people on this world would start thinking the way you do now, feeling so guilty. It wouldn't be a nice sight, right? You always have to give yourself a second chance, it is never to late to become a better person. You just have to make a firm decision about it!

-You can never fall so low as to not being able to get up and try again. I always think of a saying that goes: "We fall seven times, and eight times we get up and carry on." The bigger your fall the more effort it will take from you to recover, but it will pay off in the end, because you will come out of this as a better person, free of guilt.

-However, this doesn't mean you should be nervous during your recovery from guilt, and to remind non-stop about what kind of person you should become. Quite contrary. This means you should think about what kind of person you want to be and let the time do its thing let it take you to your goal. You can eventually remind yourself before you go to sleep or when you get up in the morning about what kind of person you wish to become, and remind yourself that you are not a bad person. Your sub consciousness will take you to your goal, it will take care of transforming your wish into a material form.

-Don't ever feel discouraged. Sometimes it will seem as though you don't have a feeling of guilt anymore, and in the morning you may wake up with another feeling of guilt again. Don't be surprised by this. Be calm and accept everything that comes in your way. Remind yourself that in the end you are not as guilty as you think you are. In some situations you actually are not guilty at all.

-Don't forget - your wish gives shape to actions you undertake. As long as you purely and clearly wish to become a better person, and free of guilt, you will have all it takes to make that wish come true.

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