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Forget about fast recovery

Remember one thing - there is no quick way to overcome anxiety or similar disorder overnight. In case you still think that shortcuts exist - stop believing it right away, because you will only disappoint and depress yourself. Think about it for a while and you will see that condition you are in right now didn't happen overnight. How can you expect it to disappear overnight than?

A lot of people are losing their time by searching for a quick way, some pill that will give them instant solution for their problems. There is no such thing. Some people also think that a quick solution has somehow evaded them during their search, which is why they keep on looking for the magic cure of their problems.

Your curing must come from within you, it has to come from within yourselves, by means of accepting everything that is happening to you. I agree that a lot of things, including medications, can also help you, but only to a certain extent. But if you want to recover entirely, you will have to make the crucial steps yourselves. Your curing will occur when you combine your knowledge of what is happening to you with your patience.

Finally, you have to let recovery happen to you by itself, do not try to rush or force it by all means. The more you learn about what is happening to you, and what you are suppose to do about it, the more your anxiety and worries dissolve. Therefore, if you still believe that you can cure yourself overnight, I suggest that you immediately forget about it. Instead, try to obtain a strong faith that in time, you will get better and better as soon as you slowly but surely accept everything that is happening to you.

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