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General advices for anxiety

Essential advices for anxiety you should follow during your recovery from anxiety are:

-Don't run away from your fear! The more you will run, the greater will become your fear.

-Accept your strange sensations and feelings you experience during anxiety. Don't struggle to fight them, because you can not win this battle. Accept your symptoms as something that will disappear with time.

-Do not feel sorry for yourself! Do not ever do this. If you feel sorry for yourself, try to analyze why are you doing it and try to understnad that this is one of your greatest enemies during your recovery.

-Don't lose time asking yourself questions like: "What would happen if I did this and that in the past...?" or "What if...?".

-If you regret something you did in the past, remember that time will heal it for you. Don't dwell to much about your past and feelings of regret.

-Find a hobby, always be occupied with something. Don't lie in bed for a whole day, asking yourself various questions about "meaning of life" or "why is all this happening to you" and such. What is important is that you should be occupied with something during the day. But don't just find any activity or occupation just for the sake of it, be calm and find something that you sincerely love doing. This very important!

-Try to understand that the winner is the one who BELIEVES he will win, and not the one who can or knows how to. If you lack faith and self-reliance, you don't have much at all. Power of a human being depends much more on his self-reliance that on the power of his muscles!

-Accept your obsessions whatever they might be and be prepared to live with them for a while. Do not struggle or fight them, instead let the time do its thing. Your obsessions will disappear with time.

-If you are not able to overcome your problems by yourself, you can seek professional help; there is nothing bad about that. By this I mean visiting the psychiatrist or similar expert of course. I have visited psychiatrist on several occasions and felt more enlightened after every discussion. You may need help in a form of medications or perhaps you don't, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

-Do not measure your progress from day to day. It is very important not to do this. Do not count days, months or years of your sickness, because this way you will keep remembering your problems and sustain your current condition in your sub-consciousness.

-If you have fear of certain places because you think something will "happen to you" there (anxiety attack perhaps), do not avoid these places. Instead go there! Your recovery is in confronting the places you fear the most!

-Do not let your indecisiveness discourage you. This is a normal phenomenon with all anxious people. Remember that your indecisiveness will disappear as soon as you feel better and when your self-reliance improves.

-Never, and I mean never admit your total defeat! It is never too late to give yourself another chance. Never give up!

-Confront, accept, let go! Let the time do its thing.

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