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Get in touch with nature

Turn off your TV, leave the house and take a walk outside. Try some cycling or go swimming. Try not to sit locked in your house for a whole day, because this increases the chances of you feeling sorry about your bad condition. Leaving the house and going to nature is a great way to divert your introverted thoughts to the outside world which in fact is your goal - to think more about the outside world and less about how you feel inside.

Physical exercise is also one of the best ways to release stress that has accumulated in your body. Therefore, you are not just improving your psychological and physical health; you also release stress when you regularly perform some physical activity. This enables you to relax your muscles and helps you sleep better at night. By regular exercise you create a so called "canal" for getting tension and stress out of your body. When you add proper, diverse and regular nutrition to it, you will be surprised how well you will start to feel - and it will only take you a couple of days. Our bodies are like cars, the more we care about them the better they serve us and take us where we want to go. However, if we don't care about our body, it slowly "rusts", I won't listen to us and it will make us feel worse every day - physically and mentally.

While you spend your time outside, focus on all the colors, shapes, smells, try to occupy your thoughts with things around you. Enjoy every moment you spend outside, later when you come back home you will have nice memories to remember and share with your family.

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