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How to cure anxiety?

Want to know how to cure anxiety? Just keep reading.

I know that anxious person is nervous and that most of the time doesn't have the patience to read an article in the newspaper let alone something longer. However, I am sure that reading this whole chapter won't be a problem for you because it's about YOU and your curing.

Perhaps "curing" is not the best term for a thing like anxiety, because neither of you is actually sick. It is only a question of disturbance (and disturbance can be corrected). Remember - you are not sick!

First I would like to remind you that there are no "shortcuts" or "secrets" that others can tell you, or try to sell to you about curing anxiety. Don't fall for different "fast ways" to curing. Your anxiety didn't build overnight, therefore it won't disappear overnight either. Be aware of this all the time!

Curing ACTUALLY EXISTS, but it takes certain amount of effort and work from your side in order to make it. More important, you have to believe that you will make it, that you will win this!

Your CURING consists of 4 STEPS (these can be applied to all types of anxiety)

1. Facing the symptoms
2. Accepting the symptoms
3. Letting go of the symptoms
4. "Let the time do its job"

Facing the symptoms

Identifying the symptoms and facing with current condition. Everything is clear here. You know which symptoms you have, identify them, acknowledge them in your conscience, accept the fact that they are here and that they will stay here for a certain period of time.

Accepting the symptoms

Full acceptance of symptoms. BE READY TO ACCEPT AND LIVE WITH YOUR SYMPTOMS FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME. Embrace your symptoms like something that will stay with you for some time... but also as something that will certainly go away with time, be sure about it!

But don't mistakenly think that symptoms will disappear as soon as you accept them. Your nerves are still too sensitive, it will take some time for this sensitivity to diminish. Only with true acceptance you are able to break the vicious circle: "fear-adrenaline-fear".

You should know that all symptoms are in fact reflection of your current frame of mind. You have to understand that a certain amount of time will be needed for your body to adopt your acceptance of symptoms, that is why you should accept the fact that your body will continue to behave like it is used to behave (with fear, tension etc...)

Don't forget that it took some time for fear and tension to overrun your body and became your "normal" condition, that is why it will take some time for your body to adopt to this "new" condition and take IT as "normal". That is why time is very important factor. Time is your friend. But while you wait for the time to pass by, there has to exist ABSOLUTE and TRUE ACCEPTANCE of what is happening to you.

If your palms are sweaty, let them sweat! If your hands shiver, accept it and don't try to change a thing! If your heart is pounding, let it pound! ACCEPT your symptoms absolutely as something that is a part of you at the moment.

This is very important: No matter how frightening your symptoms are, don't try to fight them - you won't win! Accept them, don't struggle. True acceptance means embracing your symptoms (whatever they may be) without giving them much importance and without your amazement to them.

In the beginning all this will seem hard and almost impossible. Maybe you will be able to accept the symptoms in one moment, and not in the other... Don't let it discomfort you, this is totally normal. All you need to do is to be ready to function with all your symptoms for a while and let them do their thing without you paying much attention to them.

Letting go of the symptoms

Letting go is as important as accepting. Instead of fighting you should "go with the flow". This simply implies that you should "give up the battle", stop controlling your fears, stop "doing something about it" and stop focusing on constant self analysis. This also means looking at the thing from a different perspective.


If your body shivers, let it shiver. Don't feel the need to stop it. Don't try to "look normal". DON'T TRY TO RELAX WITH FORCE. Simply, let the thought of relaxation be in your mind in the beginning. This is very simple philosophy: loosen up a little. In other words, don't worry if you feel anxious and can't relax.

WHEN YOU ARE READY TO ACCEPT YOUR TENSION IT RELAXES YOUR MIND AND RELAXATION FOLLOWS. You shouldn't desperately wish for relaxation. Relaxation comes by itself. Let your body itself find its way to relax, without your control or influence that is. Work on this each day. Success has to come!

Relief which comes after "giving up the battle" and realizing that there actually isn't any battle, except the one you create yourself - can bring you your inner peace which you forgot about.
In your constant effort to control your tension, you released more and more adrenaline which stimulated your organs to create sensations and symptoms from which you were trying so hard to escape. What a paradox, isn't it?

"Let the time do its job"

This is rather clear; it takes some time for you to get well again. Don't measure your progress from day to day, but be certain that you will get well in the near future.

Be ready to go up and down for a while. Your way to recovery consists of certain temporary defeats, accept it and don't be disappointed when you make a "step backwards". For each step you make backwards, you'll make two forwards, trust me.

Looking ahead with firm self-reliance is very helpful. It helps you go through yesterday, today and tomorrow... all the way to recovery.

Don't forget, for the time of your recovery, your course is AHEAD and UP!

Time is your best friend. Time cures all!

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