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How to fall asleep – the easy way

When it comes to sleeping, there are two groups of people. First group are those who feel much better when evening comes. They feel sharper in the evening and think that they have finally cured themselves.

However, there are people who feel like hell in the evening. They can lay in bed with great panic; they sweat abnormally and have various dark thoughts on their mind. They are usually afraid to be alone and awake in the room and are often afraid of sleeping itself!

If you recognize yourself in this description, you may need to use some tranquilizers for some time in order to get some sleep. However, this is not necessarily true. There are various other ways to fall asleep faster and easier, and you can try one of these methods.

First of all, understand that your fears are that fearful just because your body is in such a sensitive state. Your body reacts very violently to your thoughts and sensations that usually would not excite you if your body was in a more relaxed state. Try to look at your panic from a different point of view - try to see it as an overreacted response of your very sensitive nerves to the signals you send to your body.

Lay comfortably in your bed. In other words, don't just lie down in any position; find the most comfortable one to fall asleep. Try to relax as much as possible and then let panic overwhelm you. Yes, you read it right, let the feeling of panic overrun your entire body. Relax and let go to the maximum. Do not run away from this panic feeling and do not try to control it! If you manage to do that you will see that waves of panic will slowly but surely start to lessen.

This evening panic can be a result of your thoughts, or it can come as a surprise, in other words - from nowhere. If you think that panic is a result of your own thoughts, remember that these are only your thoughts and nothing more. Thoughts that frighten you are not a part of reality, thoughts can't hurt you in any way possible! Let your thoughts play tricks with you for a while, don't try to dismiss them.

If you follow steps described above, you will start to feel relieve, which brings relaxation and peace in your mind. You may not feel relieve in the beginning because your body needs some time to adjust to the new situation.

You may say: "It's easy for him to say to relax, I simply can't do it." I understand you completely - sometimes it is very hard to relax and accept panic, but remember - it is not impossible! Your panic is here only because your nerves are still too sensitive, and become even more so every time a wave of panic (you inflict to yourself) overruns you.

If you have some problems that you can't solve, problems which render you sleepless, you should react in some way and try to come to a reasonable solution or compromise as soon as possible. You will not sleep well until you find some kind of answer to your problem that will make you worry less, at least until the next day. At first, you may be a bit indecisive about determining what is the right solution for you - various possibilities may come to your attention and they could all seem equal to you. This can make you tired or even frustrated in the end of the day. Prepare yourself for this. I suggest you make a decision after all, even if it turns out later that it was a wrong one! You can also trick your mind by saying that you postpone solving the problem until the next day. This way you give your mind at least some rest till tomorrow.

How to relax and fall asleep easier? Lie in bed and find your most relaxing posture. Starting from your toes, and moving up across the legs, stomach, chest, all the way to the head, imagine that every part of your body is so heavy that it could sink through the bed. Feel the weight for each part of the body individually and then slowly relax that part. When you relax your chest, you may feel pulsating sensation which you may not experience before. Do not be disturbed by this, it is only your aorta, doing its job, pumping blood to the rest of your body. You see, it all depends on how you look at things. Why be upset when you sense a normal function of your body? I mean, if you feel your pulse, that means you are alive, it is your life line. You should be happy to feel such a thing!

Some people complain about hearing snapping sounds in their head just before they want to go to sleep. Be happy when you hear this. This indicates that your tense muscles are relaxing and that sleep is close.

One other effective way for falling asleep exists. Sometimes your very tired mind can become hyperactive and you may get an impression that there is no way you can fall asleep. In this case you should simply try to listen to sounds from your surroundings. Lie down and listen. Put all your being into listening. Of course some thoughts will pass your mind as you listen, but at least they won't lead into extensive thinking and fear. If you concentrate on listening, like I described, sleep will come soon - believe me.

I have to warn you about a common mistake that people do. Do not lie down in the evening in order to solve the great mystery of your life; do not try to match all pieces of the puzzle. Do not lie in bed thinking about bad things that happened to you during the day, or maybe thinking why it happened and what you could do to prevent that from happening... It will only strain your mind additionally! Remember, you went to bed in order to get some sleep, your goal is to relax as much as possible, not to drain yourself out even more. Solve your problems during the day. Now it is time to lie down, to relax and have a good night's sleep.

As you see, everything described here has one goal - to lie down, accept all your strange thoughts and sensations and to relax as much as possible. In other words, accept all your previous sleepless nights, palpitations, tension, sweating, panic and everything else that disturbs you - accept all of this and remember that, no matter what, nature is waiting for you to fall asleep. Sleep is a natural thing for all people. No matter how stressed or under tension you may be, eventually you will fall asleep. If you don't succeed in falling asleep easy and fast this night, you will maybe be more successful tomorrow. Good and quality sleep will come, don't worry, relax.

Some final advices:

-Realize that your fears seem so frightening only because your body is in ultra-sensitive state.

-When you lie down in bed, relax and let the feeling of panic and anxiety overrun you. Don't run away from it, welcome it!

-Realize that most of your panic is a product of your thinking. Don't let your own thoughts deceive you, they are only thoughts.

-Try to find solution for your problem as soon as possible; don't carry problems to your bed in the evening.

-If your mind is hyperactive in the evening, try to focus on listening to the sounds around you.

-Don't torment yourself in the evening by trying to solve a mystery of your life or try to answer why this is happening to you or think about things that happened to you during the day. When you lie down it is time to sleep not for some deep thinking.

-Sleep is a natural phenomenon for all people. If you didn't get any this night, you will get some tomorrow.

-Once again: relax, accept your strange thoughts and sensations, don't run from them; wake up together with them. This way they will dissolve and you will drift into a peaceful dream.

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