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How to relax yourself?

Wondering how to relax yourself? You probably heard it a lot before from others and perhaps you also think yourself that you should relax. You know it all, and try persistently to relax, but it doesn't work. Something is wrong.

Remember - relaxation can't be achieved by force, it can only come by itself. Yes, you read it well - by itself. The more you try to relax, the more you become tense, right?

In order to achieve relaxation, you must master the technique so called "do-not-do-anything" or rather to realize that you don't have to do anything about your current state in order to become relaxed.

You see, relaxation means letting go of everything you so hard try to keep under control. You may be trying to keep control of your current state, but that is exactly what keeps you from relaxing.

If your hands shiver, let them shiver, if you are sweating, let yourself sweat... Don't think that you have a certain "responsibility" for what is going on to you and that you must do something to stop it.

Don't try to look normal if at the moment you don't feel that way. Finally, don't strive for relaxation, it will come by itself! Simply, let the thought of relaxation be present in your mind.

Loosen up a little. In other words, don't be so amazed by your current condition no matter what it may be. When you are ready to let go and accept your tension and your current state - that will relax your mind! And when your mind is relaxed, your body is relaxed, too. Trust me.

Therefore, you don't have to strive so much for relaxation, instead try to wait for it - it will come by itself. It sounds a bit paradoxical to reach relaxation by forcefully trying to do it, doesn't it?

Let go, let your body find the best way to relax on its own, it knows best how to do it! It is when you loosen up a little and "give up the battle" and when you realize that there actually is no battle, than you will be able to relax and maybe experience the real feeling of relaxation you haven't felt in a while.

Remember, the most important is your mental view of what is happening to you, your relation towards tension. When you accept all this in your mind, relaxation will follow.

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