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Learn to love your fears

Yes, you read it well. You have to change your relation to your fears in order to allow them to disappear. I suppose you already know by now, that the more you try to avoid or deny your fears by all cost, the stronger your fears will get.

Start confronting your fears. When you avoid your fears, you are actually telling your body that it is in danger. Later, this behavior becomes your subconscious task; you start to run away from fears subconsciously. That is not good.

Remember - fear fuels with fear. If you try to avoid fear, you are creating a new fear (the fear of fear). However, if you manage to change your philosophy about fear, and learn to love it, it will become as small as a crumb! Naturally, this will not happen overnight, but if you practice this simple philosophy daily, your fears will start to dissolve and will not scare you so much anymore. Realize that the problem is not in your fears; it is in relation to your fears!

Invite your fears and your worse symptoms freely, shake hands with them, embrace them, let them feel comfortable in your mind. When you do that, your fears will become smaller and smaller and will not have material to develop anymore. Show your fears who is the boss!

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