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Listen to your body

When increased anxiety or panic attack occurs for the first time, the main reason is great and long term stress and worrying. Your body can't handle the situation anymore; therefore it wants to shutdown, so to speak. Your body has reached a certain threshold and tries to tell you that it had enough and that it can't go on like this.

This leads to increased anxiety, feeling of panic and fear, feeling of unreality and such. No matter what symptoms you may have in that moment, your body is saying: I can't go on like this, give me some time! It is important to listen to your body in moments like this, and comply with its needs. Everything your body needs is some rest and time to heal itself. Ask yourself, if you are giving your body what it needs right now? Many people are giving more attention to their physical symptoms, worrying about going mad, asking themselves why they feel so worried or strange, and wonder when all this will go away, instead of focusing on giving their body what it needs. All this puts additional stress to your already worn out body! Then you begin to feel worse and worse and start telling yourself that you need to get a hold of yourself and get back to normal, then you start fighting against all the negative feelings inside you an consequently you become worse and worse. I hope you understand why you keep spinning in a circle and why your symptoms are coming back to you again and again.

Everyone should read and realize this: In order to start feeling better, you must stop fighting! There is no need to fight! Don't worry and don't be so obsessed about how you feel. It has become your habit to check how you feel all the time, isn't it? That is exactly what you must not do. Give your body some more rest from all of this. When you give your body what it wants it will take care getting you into better shape. Your body is giving you signs of what to do all the time; listen to it very well and react as you are told. Love your body, get in touch with it!

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