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Obsession and obsessive thoughts

Obsession and obsessive thoughts are probably one of the worst symptoms an anxious person can experience. Obsessive thoughts make a person believe (more than any other symptom) that he or she is on a way to madness. A person believes that there is no saving from this situation.

Obsession and obsessive thoughts can turn into so called obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A person has some sort of obsession and a compulsion (an action he has to perform in order to become "satisfied" or "calm").

Therefore a person can have an obsession of checking for several times if he locked the door after leaving house, even though he KNOWS that he did... Or let's say a person often checks if the oven is turned off even though it is apparent that it is.

However, obsessive thoughts that don't make you perform any action also exist. They can be very draining for a person, psychologically and physically. Often, a following type of thoughts can be found with people suffering from obsessions: "What if I hurt myself or others?...What if I do something bad?...What if I lose control of myself?". No matter how hard a person tries, he cannot shake off these thoughts.

Ok, enough speculation. Let's see how you can get rid of obsessions and obsessive thoughts.

Remember that the more you will try to stop thinking or to forget about your obsessive thoughts, the worse and stronger they will get. You will not succeed if you try to forget them deliberately - that is impossible. No one has ever deliberately forgotten about anything.

If you look closely, you realize that you created your own obsessions by deliberately trying to forget about certain thoughts and their content which you did not like. In other words, you are trying to fight your obsessions and the more you fight them the more you embed them in your consciousness which makes them even stronger and more present.

Therefore, if you have obsessions and obsessive thoughts, don't try to forget about them with force! It is very important that you understand that. You have to do the exact opposite - accept them for what they are, and be ready to live with them for some time.

Your firm ACCEPTANCE of obsessive thoughts is very important. You also have to accept the fact that you will have to live with them for some time. However, it is not enough to just say "ok, I accept my obsessions" and then focus on their removal again.

When you truly accept your obsessions as a part of yourself, as something that is within you at the moment, you will slowly but surely start to lose fear of these thoughts. You will notice that your interest in obsessive thoughts will generally diminish... until the moment when you'll discover that you have totally forgot about ever having obsessions!

Therefore, your ACCEPTANCE of obsessions will help you to get rid of them. This may sound a bit controversial but it really is true :-) What will happen next is that you will either totally forget about your depression or if you happen to remember it - it won't present a problem for you anymore!

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