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Overcoming panic attacks

First you have to understand that nothing bad can happen during your panic attack. Be aware of this always when you feel fear or panic. Remember yourself that no one has ever died of a panic attack and that there is no danger. Remember this!

No matter how dreadful of heavy your attack may be, it is not harmful to your body. A lot of people think that when their heart is pounding like crazy during the panic attack their heart is in danger. Trust me, that is not the case. It is the same with all other symptoms - therefore symptoms of panic attacks are not harmful to your body.

You probably think that you need to have a certain "control" during the attack. You think that, let's say, you need to "keep things under control". This is exactly where the trap is! You don't have to hold things under control; you don't have to "fight" against the panic attacks. You simply can't win this battle - the more you struggle the worse it gets.

How to get rid of panic attacks? It's easy. However you must first change some of your beliefs about panic attacks which are rooted in your thinking.

When you are struck by a panic attack, you actually don't have one fear but two of them.

Your panic comes in waves and every wave consists of two fears. Let's name them:

- Fear one
- Fear two

Even though you don't have control over this first fear, you can learn how to handle the second fear because fear two is fueling fear one. Fear two is keeping your panic attack alive, it is constantly making you anxious. Now you know that fear is fueled by fear.

Every person has to deal with this first fear from time to time. Fear one as we have called it comes almost automatically and it is connected to a real danger that threatens us. We can say that this fear is "normal" we accept it and understand it. We react as necessary and fear passes.

However, when anxious person experiences this first fear, he or she doesn't react as other people because reaction of this person is much more intense. That is why nerve system of an anxious person has become so sensitive to external stimuli.

On top of this first fear anxious person always adds second fear even though he or she may not notice it - it feels like there is only one fear.

When a person experiences first fear he or she thinks:

"Oh, no! Not again!"

Anxious person can just think about being "trapped" in an enclosed space and fear one will overrun her. Immediately after this, the person will add second fear and think of the following:

"Oh, no! Here it is again! I can't let this happen to me again! I can't take this anymore! I will make a fool out of myself in front of others, that's why it's better to run somewhere I am safe. Let me get out of here quick. Quick, quick, quick!"

With every "Quick!" you add more and more of the second fear and panic becomes stronger and stronger. You are now 100% sure that if you don't take some action, something will happen - you will fall, make a fool out of yourself, go crazy...

Do you recognize yourself in this? Can you see how you make panic and fear by yourself? Don't forget - fear is fueled by fear.

Let's go on... You are now in total panic and believe that you can no longer think straight or act calm. That is why you want to get out of "danger" as soon as possible and get somewhere safe. You don't understand that you have created this panic using thoughts like "What if...?" or "I have to get out of here..." and such.

You only need to understand that you must just let go to the first fear that hits you. I know it sounds easier than it is, but really, believe me, you only need to understand that it's you who is adding this second fear on top of the first one - and thus panic attacks occur.

So, in order not to have panic attacks, you have to (when first fear strucks you - the one that affects all people) try not to react to heavily, don't think "What if...?" or "Oh, no! It's here again!". Your physical symptoms shouldn't interest you (because they are all harmless)... In other words, put all your effort into not adding a second fear on top of the first one because that's what starts a panic attack.

Now you probably think "OK, I will try this next time I'm in panic". Please, don't try but do it! This is not a game of trying, it's not a fight, it's only about changing your thinking patterns settled deep in your sub consciousness! Believe me, once you manage to get over this first fear, to let go to it and not adding second fear you will see that the first fear will start to disappear...

It's a good feeling when you realize that panic attack didn't occur because you know how things function and that you have the credit for stopping the panic attack.

OK, for the end here are some advices you can use when you begin to panic. It would be very useful if you would always remind yourself of the following quotes:

"I know what it is, it can't hurt me. It will go away. There is no need to panic, and even if I do get panicked, the worst thing that can happen is a panic attack. It doesn't matter if I get a panic attack, because it has happened to me before, it was very unpleasant but it didn't kill me, nothing bad happened to me".

This way of thinking is the key to stopping a panic attack or panic disorder itself. Master it! It can take a while but keep practicing, it's worth the effort!

Also you can try changing quotes that provoke fear in you, for example, instead of saying: "I am so terrified I will run out of this shop" you say "I am frightened but today I will really enjoy shopping".

Your panic attacks will decrease. You will realize that panic and anxiety are only feelings and nothing more!


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