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Panic attacks

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Overcoming panic attacks

First you have to understand that nothing bad can happen during your panic attack. Be aware of this always when you feel fear or panic. Remember yourself that no one has ever died of a panic attack and that there is no danger. Remember this!

No matter how dreadful of heavy your attack may be, it is not harmful to your body. A lot of people think that when their heart is pounding like crazy during the panic attack their heart is in danger. Trust me, that is not the case. It is the same with all other symptoms - therefore symptoms of panic attacks are not harmful to your body.

What to do when panic attack hits you?

I know myself how a person feels during a panic attack. That's why I understand why such people are looking for the quickest possible curing.

Here you can read a few important advices about what one should do during an attack. Go through these techniques and apply them if necessary, they really work:

- Remind yourself over and over again that a panic attack is a totally harmless thing. Attack will pass and you will be OK.

- Put some cold water on your face! This tells your brain to send your body a message to slow down.

Symptoms of panic attack

If you ask people who had panic attacks how they can describe their experience, I am sure that most people would say that they felt like something very dreadful will happen to them, for example person feels like collapsing or go crazy, losing control over himself or even die.

Person experiencing panic attacks can have a series of psychosomatic symptoms. Bear in mind that it is always better when a person knows that panic attack is happening than when a person doesn't know what is going on (as with first attack).

During a panic attack a person can have one of the following symptoms:

What is panic attack?

Panic attack is a sudden feeling of very strong fear, a feeling of unease which brings along a series of psychosomatic symptoms.

Person having a panic attack feels like something really dreadful is happening. The person believes that he or she will collapse, die or lose control over self or go crazy.

Self Help for Anxiety And Panic Attacks

One of the worse feelings in the world is when you are having a panic or anxiety attack. These can be very overwhelming sometimes and very disruptive for your life. These attacks make a person feel like something horrible is about to happen. They have pain in the chest area and many times have difficulty breathing. For people that experience these attacks regular, it makes it hard to even leave home for dread of having one while out in public.

Tips For Dealing With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be frightening for those who are enduring them. Fear of dying or suffocating can overtake a person experiencing a panic attack very rapidly. Some people report that their hearts begin to beat quicker than normal and they have a difficult time breathing. There are those people who feel they are going crazy and they’ll seek to remove themselves from their current situation. Surprisingly, about 5% of the population will experience one or more panic attacks during their lifetime.

How To Control The Symptoms Of Panic Attacks

The Symptoms

Panic attacks are not uncommon, and are examples of what the medical professional call ‘anxiety disorders’. Would you be able to recognize the symptoms of a panic attack? No? Then let’s have a look at them so you may be able to recognize them. Mind you, people with some of these symptoms may not necessarily be suffering from panic attacks, so be careful and use your head.

  • Sweating: panic attacks can make people sweat. It can also cause cold sweats, or ‘clammy’ skin.

Tips For Panic Attacks - What To Do and Why

What exactly is a panic attack, and more importantly how do you know you are having one?

Proven System On How to Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are short periods during which the victims feel a high level of anxiety and discomfort in several ways. The onset is sudden and seemingly random. Though anxiety is at the core of panic attacks it should be remember that anxiety in itself is nothing compared to panic attacks. Many people feel varying levels of anxiety for different reasons but very few people actually progress to the extreme of having panic attacks.

What Causes a Panic Attack?

A panic attack can often occur out of nowhere without any apparent reason, but there are some things that can trigger them.

While the actual cause of panic attacks is unknown, it’s commonly believed that phobias, stress and worrying about having another attack can all be triggers. Hereditary disposition and chemical imbalance have also been theorized to be contributing factors.

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