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Proven System On How to Deal With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are short periods during which the victims feel a high level of anxiety and discomfort in several ways. The onset is sudden and seemingly random. Though anxiety is at the core of panic attacks it should be remember that anxiety in itself is nothing compared to panic attacks. Many people feel varying levels of anxiety for different reasons but very few people actually progress to the extreme of having panic attacks. Unlike anxiety, dealing with panic attacks is much more difficult as they fill their victim with uncontrollable terror and a fear of not only losing control but also life itself.

The important thing to do during panic attacks is also the most difficult one. Self-control vanishes during panic attacks, when it is most important to make note of what is going on. Panic attacks escalate in intensity when the victims continue to dwell on negative thoughts and feelings that increase their already elevated stress levels.

Dealing with panic attacks means focusing away from them or their causes. This is easier said than done as can be illustrated through the following example. Suppose you are on your way to work and you get stuck in traffic. You know where you are going to be if the traffic does not open up within the next two minutes. The more you look at your watch, the more you are inviting a panic attack. Focusing on something other than traffic, the cause of the panic attack will cause the majority of victims to focus on what they are going to tell their boss when they arrive late, a new cause of anxiety and panic attacks. There are two failures here. The first is the failure to convince yourself that just because there is a cause of panic attack it does not mean a panic attack is guaranteed. The only one making sure that nothing prevents that panic attack is you yourself. You are telling your mind and body to get prepared for a panic attack and thereby you bring about the very symptoms you so fear. The second failure, and the more difficult to control, is to focus on things that can lead to the reduction or avoidance of the first symptoms of panic attack and retaining control before things get out of hand.

It is vital that you focus on the positive things and reinforcements rather than encouraging your mind by focusing on the negative. Assure yourself that a panic attack is not to be feared, that it is temporary, that you are capable of retaining self-control that you have the confidence to cope with the situation. Panic attacks are always temporary; if they were not then people would be dying of adrenaline shock every time they had a panic attack. Focus on the temporary status of the panic attack. Why fear something when it will be gone in a few moments?

If you have experienced panic attacks before then you already know the symptoms and more importantly, you know you are going to survive them. Use your experience to overcome your baseless fears.

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