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Social phobia

There is one way of anxiety that manifests itself as some sort of unpleasantness in company of other people, individuals or a group. It is called social phobia. People that have problems of this nature often have difficulties in terms of making a contact with other people. A person can be scared of standing in a line in a supermarket, because he thinks that everyone is looking at him all the time, or let's say a person has difficulties in making contact with other people, because he thinks in advance that they will all reject him. These are most common forms of social phobia, which present a problem to an increasing number of people.

Social phobia is also called social anxiety. When a person has social phobia, he usually has fear of meeting other people or has a fear of being in a larger group. He is also afraid of making contact with other people. This kind of people usually has a habit of thinking too much about what other people think about them. This kind of phobia can also manifest as an increased fear from speaking in front of a large group of people or let's say a fear from attending some public meeting with a large number of people. People who have symptoms of social phobia are mainly too self-aware and worry too much about what other people think of them and therefore expect the worst possible outcome of a certain situation.

If you recognize yourself in this description, you have to realize one thing: other people do not think at all as much about you as you think they do. This is the main thing that you should comprehend, because most of the people that suffer from social phobia are doing just that - thinking too much about what others think of them. It is true, like I said, other people do not think as much about you as you think they do! All people have their lives and are trying to make them better. You have to break this illusion - so, other people do not think as much about you as you think they do!

A person who suffers from social phobia has the following symptoms (usually in a company of other people): increased sweating, nervousness, increased heart rate, qualm, shiver and sometimes even panic attacks. Sometimes when a person is to shy in normal social relationships and contacts, it can be a sign of a developing social phobia and a reaction to this is needed.

If a quality of a person's life is compromised and if a person is not able to step into contact and relations with other people, this could also point that a person suffers from social phobia. You should take into consideration that such person is thinking to much about what others think of him, has negative thoughts about himself, thinks about how he will humiliate himself in front of others, he has fear of being rejected, humiliated and such.

If you suffer from social phobia, possible reasons for this can be in some previous bad experiences - let's say if someone has terrorized you psychologically, humiliated you and similar. Possible cause can also be a situation where you were humiliated in front of others and which made you fear all similar future situations.

Some other factors that need to be taken into consideration are also genetic factors - in other words, perhaps someone in your family suffered from social phobia, lack of self-confidence, depression and similar. If you reconsider these factors, you may come to the origins of your social phobia easier, and when you do that, it will be easier for you to get over your problems.

Although various medications and therapies for social phobia exist, it is always better to prevent than to heal. If you are very shy and if you think that this may develop into social phobia, you can start working on adapting to a new way of thinking and in this manner do anything you can to overcome shyness and social phobia.

Here are some important advices:

Get into the very core, into the root of your shyness: it is most probably caused by your low self-confidence. If you don't like the way you look, if you are to self-aware or to aware of your looks, I suggest you ask someone close to you to help you raise your self-confidence a little. All people including you have some qualities that are in relation to your physical look as well as your inner look. Emphasize your positive attributes, work on it! Even some new clothes that you buy can give you additional self-confidence in certain situations or when making a contact with others.

If you have some very bad experiences from the past, if someone has hurt you, humiliate you or similar, and if you think that you have social phobia that you can't overcome yourself, it wouldn't be a bad idea to find a help of a specialist. Sometimes people are afraid to seek professional help. They are ashamed of doing it because they think too much about what others will think of them. You should ask yourself what is more important to you, what others think of you or your own health and the way you feel? You can't move towards better life if there is something that is eating you. Things get complicated when something from the past is stopping your progress. You don't have to be slaves of your past and you don't have to carry a burden from the past either!

Always try to think positive! If you simply can't do that, rethink this: every human is unique in a special way, we all have our perfections and weaknesses and that is what makes us unique. You are unique too and I am sure that if you would try, you could find a lot of positive qualities about you. You should learn to value your positive properties and emphasize them as much as you can. Work on this every day and develop a new outlook on things. When you change the way you look at things and think about things and when you begin to value yourself, it will be a lot easier to make contacts with other people and you will no longer be withdrawn and blocked by social phobia!

If your fear of making a contact with others is stopping you from living a normal life, it is important that you do something about it right away! Things will not solve by themselves when it comes to social phobia. Why? Because YOU and YOUR relations with others are at stake and only YOU can change something about it! No single person is a solitary island, people keep company with each other, they network, cooperate, step into relations and such. There is nothing bad about it, it is in human nature to socialize and bond. If you wish to change yourself and your relation to others, if you wish to overcome social phobia, I suggest you start right away because there is no better time for it.

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