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Stop with "what if" questions


What if I never recover?

What if I make a fool out of myself?

What if this isn't anxiety, what if this is some serious illness?

What if I have lost my true self forever?

What if there is some other thing that is making me sick... Like a brain tumor?

What if I will be unable to breathe?

What if this is the way I will spend the rest of my life?

What if I am the only person who feels like this in the whole wide world?

What if I am the only one that is not normal and everyone else are?

What if I will never again enjoy doing things I enjoyed before?

What if other people find out about me, what will they think?

What if I have changed forever?

Do you find these questions familiar? I thought so. Questions like this are a total waste of time and are useless. I know this because I used to struggle for a long time with this questions myself. It became an obsession for me. One day I would ask myself one question and the next day I would move on to another one... All the things I was worrying about, everything I was questioning myself about - it never came true!

These kinds of questions are exactly what keep your anxiety alive! They annoy your mind which desperately needs some rest. If you ask yourself "what if this, what if that..." on the regular basis, your mind concentrates on finding the answers about questions that cannot be answered right now. If you constantly bombard your mind with these questions you enter a vicious circle and become more and more anxious.

You have to start thinking rationally and realize that these kinds of questions have no use, and that they are postponing your recovery from anxiety. I suggest you do not think so much about what can happen in the future. I suggest you to focus on the present moment. Worrying is a very destructive human habit. Next time you start with "What if..." questions, remember that these kinds of questions are useless and are making you no good. You do not have to forcefully get rid of these questions, just don't give them importance. In time this questions will disappear and will not obsess you anymore.

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