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Strange anxiety effects

A person who has been anxious for a long period of time can have some very strange habits or properties and may think that he or she has "changed" permanently and will stay this way forever. Properties described below are a result of a long term state of anxiety in which a person has been. Please realize that all this effects are transient in nature.

Some of these effects are:

- indecision
- (auto)suggestion
- loss of self-reliance
- feeling of personal "disintegration"
- depression
- obsession and obsessive thoughts

All these effects develop in exactly the same order as listed. You see the pattern? One thing leads to another etc...


Indecision can be a very draining thing for an anxious person. Because of a long term psychological and emotional exhaustion, a person can think of an aspect of a specific problem and emotionally relate to its solution. Immediately after that, a person can think of another aspect that is in total contradiction with the one before and relate to it with the same amount of emotion.

Anxious person can one time think in this fashion and other time in that fashion. He can never decide which is "right" because both seem equal. This demoralizes a person even further, because he cannot decide what to do.


Because of indecision that began as a result of long term anxiety and inability of "making the right decision" person is turning to others and starts to trust them more than himself. From time to time he is also liable to autosuggestion that he may never recover, and his reaction to it can be devastating.

A person is now in a state of total confusion and doesn't know who to trust anymore, therefore it is no wonder that what follows is a loss of self-reliance.

Feeling of personal "disintegration"

Next thing that is possible to arise is so called feeling of personal disintegration. Do not let this scare you. A person feels like he has lost himself in a way, lost his "self" and disintegrated... Of course this is just a faulty subjective notion; your personality has not disintegrated in a true sense of the word.

This may not be the case with you, but if you feel like described above, be aware that this is only the effect of a long term tension and fear. Your mind is trying to rationalize what is going on with your body. This creates an illusion of disintegration, or in other words "disintegration of your personality". Be aware that this is only an illusion.

Accept all this strange properties that you might take as real and realize that as soon as your emotional reactions calm down, you will again feel "integrated". It is only a temporary thing - transition phase. In time your self-reliance will restore and when that happens, you will be in harmony again.

However, this may seem very hard at first and maybe you will think that recovery is impossible. Ok, accept this...

What is important in the beginning is your FIRM DECISION to change yourself.

You will see that the decision itself can give you a new feeling - a feeling you maybe didn't feel for a long time. This is the beginning of return of your self-reliance.

As your confidence begins to rise more and more, hope of recovery will come into play. You may despair from time to time and think again that you will never recover, but that won't matter anymore, because now you will have a certain strength - a specific amount of confidence that you gained during your ordeal.

Remember - confidence you once obtain through your own experience will never leave you again.

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