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Symptoms of panic attack

If you ask people who had panic attacks how they can describe their experience, I am sure that most people would say that they felt like something very dreadful will happen to them, for example person feels like collapsing or go crazy, losing control over himself or even die.

Person experiencing panic attacks can have a series of psychosomatic symptoms. Bear in mind that it is always better when a person knows that panic attack is happening than when a person doesn't know what is going on (as with first attack).

During a panic attack a person can have one of the following symptoms:

- pounding heart
- skipping heart beat
- weak, rubber legs
- feeling of suffocation
- vertigo
- increased sweating
- shivering of the muscles
- feeling of derealization and depersonalization
- muscle tightness
- shivering in the stomach
- urge to run away
- very high anxiety
- disrupted swallowing
- feeling of losing your mind
- feeling of something has changed in your surroundings or within yourself
- thoughts are focused on the worse possible outcome
- disrupted vision
- disrupted balance
- shivering of entire body
- high level of discomfort

Bear in mind that you may not experience all of these symptoms during a panic attack. Therefore you may have some other symptoms that are not listed here.

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