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Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

1. Laugh a lot
Life can be a bowl of cherries if you look at it from the lighter side. There are things that can stress us out, but it is usually self-inflicted. The key to all of it is to laugh as if it is ridicules to even worry about. Laughing helps the immune system work at its best speed, eliminating those hormones that drain our system.

2. Work it off
Sometimes, due to stress we have excess energy and have to clear our minds before we can work out the problem. Working on another project, cooking or baking, cleaning the house are all ways of changing the subject in our minds and giving us the time to withdraw from the stress. Once you go back to re-evaluate the problem, you will usually come up with the solution to it at the same time.

3. Listen to a Happy Tune
Turn on the radio, put in a CD or Cassette and listen to some music that brings back happy times and places. Music is a stress reliever and helps to manage depression and block other thoughts from entering in. This is a way of taking a break from the problem to give our bodies time to work though the stress. When we look at it again, it will seem minimal and we have saved ourselves from forming an ulcer. Dancing and singing along would help too!

4. Take it to the Simplest Form
Sometimes we need to step back and think to ourselves, "What is the worst that can happen?" Usually we have made a mountain out of a molehill and things are not as bad as we thought. Take the problem down to the easiest way of eliminating it and work on it, you will find that the stress that was created will be gone in no time at all.

Stress is one of the key factors in many mental and physical ailments in our lives, doctors offices are filled with patients that have ulcers, depression and other forms of ailments. Reduce and eliminate the stress by taking control of your lives and do not let the stress take control of you.

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Jan Hayner, a Professional Organizer that offers; Tips, Hints and shortcuts on home organizing, cleaning and homemaking solutions. Get your FREE Organizing and Cleaning Pamphlets at Easy Home Organizing. Monthly newsletter, lists,blog and forum.

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