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What Causes a Panic Attack?

A panic attack can often occur out of nowhere without any apparent reason, but there are some things that can trigger them.

While the actual cause of panic attacks is unknown, it’s commonly believed that phobias, stress and worrying about having another attack can all be triggers. Hereditary disposition and chemical imbalance have also been theorized to be contributing factors.

Phobias are irrational and persistent fears of certain situations, activities, objects or persons. When faced with the thing they fear the most, someone suffering from a phobia will often have a full-blown panic attack.

Stress, caused by situations like divorce, loss of job, death of a loved one or some other major event can trigger panic attacks.

For me, after I had my first panic attack, worry about having another became my trigger. I never knew when the next attack was going to be so I was constantly on guard waiting for one to happen. You get to the point where you're scanning for symptoms in anticipation of a panic attack, not knowing that this very act is what is causing them.

When you’re having a panic attack, the fear of dying is what fuels your panic. Feeling each new symptom coming in waves makes you spin out of control, contributing to the fear that you’re going to die. Although it may feel like it, you really will not die.

I’ve had my share of nights lying awake in bed with my heart racing, taking deep breaths to try and regain control. Bedtime was the worst part of the day, this is when I experienced most of my panic attacks. I’d be exhausted from not sleeping the night before wanting only to get a peaceful night’s sleep but my panic disorder prevented me from doing this.

The worst part was in the back of my mind, I knew I was being irrational, that I wasn’t going to die. By anticipating another panic attack I was actually laying the foundation for another attack.

The key to breaking the cycle of panic disorder is to break the fear of having another panic attack. This may sound redundant, but trust me it works. It’s this worry that you’re going to have a panic attack that is causing you to have one. You actually scan your body for symptoms of an attack and the moment you feel the slightest tingle your fear escalates into a full-blown attack.

Stop anticipating the next attack and break the cycle of panic disorder.

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