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What if anxiety comes back?

If you suffered from anxiety in the past (this applies for all other disturbances) you will probably ask yourself: "What if anxiety comes back again?" You must be terrified when you think something like that. I mean, who wants to go through something like that again?

Most people hope that anxiety won't come back to them again. However, few are certain about this fact. I have to tell you that it is important to come to the level where you can be sure that fear won't come back in the same form or strength as it did before.

If you are afraid your anxiety could come back to you are probably trying not to think about this fact and are trying to hide it from you and hope for the best. Ok, that is not enough! This way you keep creating tension in yourself, because you force yourself not to think about this matter.

I demand from you that you realize things clearly and comprehend that the fear is your only enemy. Yes! Fear is making you even more anxious and makes you look into future with uncertainty. Without your fear there is no returning to anxiety. These are very simple facts not all people are aware of.

Therefore, first of all recognize and conquer the fact that fear and fear alone is your only enemy. For your fear to disappear you have to recognize it, analyze it and comprehend how big is it's role in your anxiety. Be aware that without your fear your nerves don't have any need to launch adrenaline. This way you stay calm - and a calm person never has panic attacks.

Once again, don't run from your thoughts about fear related to your future panic attacks. Instead face this fear, look him straight in the eye and try to understand what this fear actually presents. Understand it rationally, don't run away from it.

Let me ask you a question. What do you think is the main reason for your current situation? If you are anxious or have panic attacks I bet that most of the people would find fear as the main reason. Now think what would happen if you didn't fall into this trap of fear, if fear wouldn't overrun you? Probably it wouldn't lead to panic attacks or your anxiety disorder. There was a solution after all, wasn't it?
When you realize this you may experience a certain relief as if you would discover something new. Congratulations, you are on the right path.

Now imagine that in the future something similar happens to you like it did in the past. Would you allow this fear to overpower you? I doubt it. Especially now that you know that fear is your only enemy and that you actually don't have fear, panic attacks or anxiety.

You have to practice every day this new recognizing, analyzing and demystification of fear. If you practice that, you will come to a level that when panic strucks you, you will be able to calmly let the fear overrun you as you analyze every it's component. Therefore, you won't run away from fear, you will let it go through you without adding second fear on top of it.

You will see that when the great fear strucks you, at first it is very powerful but as you stay more and more relaxed it weakens and withdraws because it doesn't have the material for its function. In time you become more and more capable of handling these situations, you become the masters and begin to lose fear of fear. You finally start to come out of this vicious circle! Maybe some strong fear still comes back to you from time to time but now you know how to disarm it.

Never forget - when you don't have the fear of fear itself, you are not vulnerable. When you don't fear or when fear doesn't present much to you, you won't have anxious or panic attacks.

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