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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition characterized with a feeling of inner uneasiness and fear that something terrible will occur accompanied by psychomotor tension and inner unrest. A person often feels like "exploding", losing control over self, or has a feeling that something "terrible" will happen. Anxiety is not related to a specific object or person.

Anxious person is always in "alert" mode, always on the lookout for possible danger, thinking that he or she is threatened by something. With people that are anxious, autonomous nervous system is activated easier than normally; therefore it is common for an anxious person to get frightened by a sudden noise, which can generate a variety of symptoms (pounding heart, sweating, etc...).

Anxiety is nothing more than opposition to the flow of life. Anxious people have a misbelief that life is dangerous and that they need to protect themselves from a threat (that doesn't exist), that they need to protect themselves physically (getting ready for a fight - anxiety -> a bunch of physical symptoms) or they withdraw emotionally (depression -> sorrow, emptiness). Life is not dangerous, it is good and beautiful.

Anxiety and panic attacks are the result of accumulated stress in life of a person. Therefore it is important that during a recovery, stress is eliminated as much as possible. In the period of high stress, mind wants to conquer it and come to an end with stress, while potential physical and psychological aftermath comes later when "storm calms". Therefore it is important that we stay calm in every moment. If this becomes our habit, we will handle stressful situations in the future easier. When we are calm, our self-reliance grows. This is possible only when we are calm and stable. It is not at all accidental that people lose their self-reliance when they experience panic attack. Working on your self-reliance is priceless.

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