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What is depression?

Probably a lot of people know what depression is, but it would not be bad to remind ourselves about it, because a lot of people still mistakenly understand it as an usual short term sorrow or sadness.

Depression is a mental state that is characterized as a LONG TERM feeling of melancholy, sorrow, hopelessness, pessimism, discouragement and a general state of deep emptiness.

People who have experienced depression say that they felt like a black curtain was set down on the stage of their lives. Many that are in this state believe that they don't deserve anything in life. Others feel like there is no way they can get along with other people, neither themselves. They have simply gone down and do not know how to come to normal again. Motivation of a depressed person is almost nonexistent, appetite is very poor. He is not in the mood to do anything, and cannot find any enjoyment in things he used to love doing. His self-reliance is very low. He is capable of staring at a single spot for hours, absent-minded and uninterested in anything.

Depression usually occurs (although this isn't a rule) with people that had panic attacks for some time or long term anxiety. Depression affects all aspects of a human life. It affects how one eats, sleeps and thinks about himself. Bear in mind that depression is not the same as some temporary sorrow that can overrun you from time to time. Short term sorrow is a normal thing with all people. Be aware that depression itself does not represent one's weakness and that it cannot disappear overnight. People who are depressed cannot just pull themselves together and stop being depressed. It takes a lot of work, effort and time to get rid of depression.

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