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What is panic attack?

Panic attack is a sudden feeling of very strong fear, a feeling of unease which brings along a series of psychosomatic symptoms.

Person having a panic attack feels like something really dreadful is happening. The person believes that he or she will collapse, die or lose control over self or go crazy.

Panic attack can last from 5 minutes to half an hour, rarely longer. When in panic, person thinks that he or she is physically in danger, that there is some sort of danger threatening. Of course this fear is unreal, but the person perceives it as something that is very much real. For a person experiencing panic attack this is really frightening event (especially first attack) so there is no wonder the person is convinced something awful will happen.

After the attack, person is very exhausted, confused and often also very drained because attack itself is very draining for your physical body.

What happens during panic attack?

At panic attack vegetative nervous system very easily triggers it's "fight or flight" mechanism which nature gave us. Something similar to a situation where you find yourself in front of a tiger while walking through the jungle. You would immediately start to run or to fight (your "fight or flight" mechanism would activate). Same happens with a panic attack only there is no tiger chasing you, there is no real danger involved.

The most common reason for an attack is STRESS that shows itself in many forms. That is why it's important for an individual to change his life philosophy and eliminate stressful situations.

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