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What is relaxation?

Relaxation can have various forms and does not only mean sitting in front of TV like a couch potato. Relaxation is a way of escaping everyday stress and tension by allowing our body to relax and free our mind from worries and stress.

Relaxing can involve exercising and various activities (this does not mean that you should be in some meditative or hypnotic state). Any kind of activity that distracts you from your worries can be relaxing.

Most people who suffer from anxiety will say that they cannot relax, but that is mainly because of their inability to liberate themselves, and their desire to have control is a result of their constant worrying.

Many people will relax during some activities that occupy their minds to the extent where they totally forget about their problems; hobbies are a good example for this. Some people will have to work more on achieving that level of relaxation, taking classes of relaxation, yoga or meditation.

Some people are afraid to relax totally, because for them tension is a certain mask they wear in order to hide from their fears. Others believe that relaxation leads to disturbing physical sensations: listening to a heartbeat or breathing can be, in the beginning, somewhat frightening for certain people.

It is up to you to find out what relaxes you. Do you have a certain hobby you enjoy? Does a walk in the park relax you? A conversation with a person that is close to you? I suggest you try to relax right now :-)

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