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What to do when panic attack hits you?

I know myself how a person feels during a panic attack. That's why I understand why such people are looking for the quickest possible curing.

Here you can read a few important advices about what one should do during an attack. Go through these techniques and apply them if necessary, they really work:

- Remind yourself over and over again that a panic attack is a totally harmless thing. Attack will pass and you will be OK.

- Put some cold water on your face! This tells your brain to send your body a message to slow down.

- Change focus - count backwards from 100 as quick as you can and repeat.

- Try solving mathematical problems or anything else that occupies your mind.

- Listen to loud music you like and sing along.

- Say to yourself: "This has never hurt me, it has never hurt anyone and it never will. I know what it is and it presents nothing to me".

- Say to yourself that this is only a feeling; this feeling has never hurt anyone.

- Watch something funny on TV or internet and laugh loudly.

- Don't look in the mirror!

- Go to the fridge and eat something.

- Gently hit your face and dance, confuse your thoughts in order to change focus :-)

- At night get out of the bed turn on the TV and drink something, eat an apple and change focus.

- Talk to somebody or call someone on the phone but don't speak about what is happening to you.

- Start with some physical activity.

- Don't sit! Keep on moving.

Remember, the goal is to occupy your mind with something else when you experience panic thoughts. These are only thoughts nothing else! Everything is only in your head including the panic attack itself.

You can use anything that will totally occupy your thoughts. Try to choose an activity that includes moving in order to improve breathing and circulation.

When your panic attack passes read the following article about how to get rid of panic attacks once and for all!

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