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Why do I feel worse in the morning?

For most people that suffer from anxiety mornings are the hardest period of the day, because with new a day new opportunities for disappointments come along. Probably it has happened sometimes that in the evening you were feeling good, nothing bothered you, you weren't anxious and you fell asleep happily only to wake up feeling bad again. Was it only a dream? Why is everything so hard in the morning?

It's not rare that people feel much worse in the morning than they did when they went to sleep. People are disappointed when they wake up and feel depression, increased anxiety, panic and just lose hope. It's like mornings are putting you back on the old track, like they don't let you make progress.

This is probably because while you were sleeping your body and mind were in a state of relaxation, especially your mind was at ease because you didn't worry about anything, so when you woke up you reminded your sub consciousness that you have anxiety and everything else works automatically from here on.

If you feel good in the morning and if this world looks like a nice place to you then you are at the right path to curing. However if you feel like described above then you have to anticipate this morning feeling, this morning depression. But don't be discouraged by it. Bare in mind that if you had a bad morning it doesn't mean you must have a bad day.

To cope with this I suggest you get up immediately after you wake up - as soon as you open your eyes. You have to work on this every day. Remember - the goal is to get up immediately after waking up! The longer you stay in bed the harder it will be to get up. I understand this will be hard in the beginning - who wants to jump out of bed the next instant he opens his eyes? You don't have to jump, but slowly rise from the bed after waking, take a shower and start your day. If you like music, put on a CD after you get up. Try to start your day in a most pleasant way you can. The main thing you are trying to do is to start some activity as soon as you wake up so that your morning depression won't be in your focus. If you do this, morning depression won't affect you that much or won't even appear! The worst thing you can do is to stay in bed with a bucket over your head. Be ready to respond like mentioned for some time when you wake up in the morning and start some sort of activity.

Be aware that your mind will try to find all kind of excuses why not to get up as soon as you open your eyes, but you have to be stronger than that! You have to overcome this. It will be hard in the beginning but eventually it will get easier every day. You just have to apply this method and your mornings will become more pleasant.

Maybe it would be easier if you had another person sleeping in the same room. Trust me, it is a lot easier if you have someone to talk to when you wake up, instead of thinking about your situation, and getting deeper into depression. It's nothing bad about another member of your family sleeping in your room, don't hold back about asking a family member to sleep in your room.

It would also be a good idea to change the position of your bed so that you have a view from your window. This way you'll be able to look at something outside, maybe some nice tree or a person passing by... It is always better to see something dynamic than to look at the same spot on your ceiling every morning.

You would also be surprised how helpful it is to change the layout of your furniture in your bedroom. Changes are good, refreshing even if it is a small change, like changing your curtains. When you see something you are not used to, it attracts your attention, it's a new thing for you, and chances for you to fall into depression are lower.

Some advices for the end:

- Get up as soon as you open your eyes, take a shower, put on some music and if it's possible take a short walk.

- Change the position of your bed so that you have a view through the window and that you can see what is going on outside.

- Change the layout of furniture in your bedroom from time to time.

- Accept your mornings no matter how bad they are and remember that even if your morning was bad it doesn't have to stay like that for the rest of the day.

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